Main Ridge Dairy x Rebecca Clark


With the desire to redefine, invigorate and elevate, Rebecca Clark and Sonia Kent collaborated on bringing new life and fresh perspective to the Main Ridge Dairy space.

In an area filled with excellence from wineries to restaurants to cafes, Main Ridge Dairy continues to uphold the extraordinary neighbourly standard whilst offering a unique experience. The tranquil and welcoming environment is a quiet escape with a sense of frivolity, spirit, nature and comfort when guests step inside.

The new interiors pay homage to the rich history of goat herding that dates back 9,000 years. ‘Billies’ is now infused with rustic French interiors, blends of muted colour, Aubusson tapestry wallpaper, warm timbers, natural stone, velvet/leather fabrics and still preserves the essence of the original structure. All furniture was repurposed with an environmental conscious and the integrity of Main Ridge Dairy has been proudly kept.

We are very excited about the space created and would like to thank the Main Ridge Dairy team for making this transition a seamless one. Most importantly we thank to our loyal customers and future guests that enter this new chapter with us. We invite you to join us and experience the space for yourself.