5 simple steps to elevate your grazing platter


When it comes to building the perfect cheese board, charcuterie spread or grazing platter, the possibilities are endless. At Main Ridge Dairy, we recommend quality over quantity.

Here are 5 steps to building an impressive spread for your next gathering with family or friends.

  1. Start with the hero – the cheese.Begin by selecting a variety of cheeses in both taste and textures. A mix of soft and hard cheese is the perfect place to start. Adding a marinated and a mould cheese for a delicious flavour mix. 3 or 4 cheeses work perfectly on a platter, add more for a larger group.We offer a variety of Goat Cheeses for you to choose from. Shop Now.
  2. Pick a board.Wooden, marble, ceramic. The choice is really yours for the mood you are trying to create for the eating experience and for the number of people who will be savouring it. Place the cheese down first and then add.Tip: Ensure cheese is at room temperature before serving.
  3. Add different sized jars & bowls and fill.Apart from flavour, a dip can add a burst of colour (too many types to mention)to the presentation, then select your favourite nuts, seeds, cornichons plus a mix of marinated olives.
  4. Add those extras, such as cured meats, smoked salmon, pate or terrine, quince paste and dried fruits.Like something sweet? Fresh honeycomb is delicious with goat’s cheese as are figs. Artisan breads, rice crisps and crackers.
  5. Add some freshness for that finishing touch.Fruit, such as pear, berries, grapes and apple add sweetness and some veggie sticks add some crunch. Pop on some cheese knives and other serving cutlery required.

Start building to suit your taste and enjoy. We would love to see the result if you would like to tag us on your socials.