Currently we are milking over 200 girls on our 130 acre farm in Main Ridge.

The girls are named and free range on our beautiful family property. Our girls milk on a 2 year lactation and we run a split herd with one herd kidding every year, this enables us to have milk everyday of the year! The shed is an 8 aside herringbone and is designed to be very gentle on the milk. Goat milk is much more fragile in composition then cows milk and is best handled very gently.

Much time is spent developing the optimal feed regime to have our girls in great condition and producing milk of the highest quality through all seasons. They are supplemented with hay and silage (cut from our own pastures) and fed a special grain and mineral mix in the dairy. They are very fussy and demand a fresh paddock twice a day after each milking!

Maintaining the environmental values of the property is very important to the Noxon family. All large areas of remnant vegetation and creeks have been fenced to exclude stock and over 5000 indigenous plants have been planted in shelterbelts to link these areas. As a result of these efforts the farm has won the Peninsula VFF Landcare Award and is registered under the Land For Wildlife Scheme.

Milking tours are run most Saturdays and allow visitors a close look at the dairying process. We keep numbers small so that the animals are relaxed and so that we can go right into the dairy (as long as we are not noisy!). Visitors will have a chance to pat the animals, meets the kids if its spring, but not milk the girls themselves.